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April 15th – 18th

A FREE 4-Day Event

Designed to help you level up your sales, launch your products and services, and elevate your online marketing so you can increase your income!

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Prioritizing sales is NOT easy, especially if you don’t know where or how to start.

You know you should be creating and marketing your products or services online, but you’re overwhelmed by what it takes to make your income goals a reality. You’re navigating mindset and motivational issues, plus trying to figure out the tech too.

But, what if it was easier? What if you could skip all your sales struggles and set up a simple selling system instead? A sales system that fits your unique business, brand, or blog?

You can at the FREE Get Serious About Sales Summit. Join me and 40+ sales experts as we unlock all the secrets to selling effortlessly and authentically.

No more feeling gross, gutted, or guilty about selling. No complicated tech or tools are required.

Together We Will:

build Sales Confidence

create your offer

Sell your products

market online

Ready to get serious about sales and hit your income goals this year?

FREE online event / 4 days / 40 speakers

Let’s Get Serious About Sales!

I created the Get Serious About Sales Summit because I want 2024 to be a huge win for your business and your bottom line. As an online coach, I’ve seen how the majority of my clients struggle with putting sales first and making daily decisions for time, energy, and investment that prioritize earning income. Instead of getting straight to the money, we hide in every other part of our business, doing busy work, instead of making money moves.

The Get Serious About Sales Summit is for you if..

You’re uncomfortable talking about pricing with clients or customers

You’re afraid of selling and sounding sleazy in your copy or on calls
You’re repeatedly not hitting your income goals or sales targets
You keep putting off launching your products and service

And it’s not just about your sales mindset and the psychology of selling:

You’re stuck in product creation or confused about your offer
You need help with email, content, or social media marketing
You’re stressed about systems and setting it all up
You’re overwhelmed by all the possible platforms

It’s time to finally fix your sales problem and unlock your online income potential.

Ready to get serious about sales?

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Training Sessions

40 action-packed sessions by top experts sharing sales strategies you can implement today

Free to Watch for 24 Hours

Every day, of the summit new sessions will premiere at and you have 24 hours to watch them

Swag Bag with Free Gifts

Enjoy bonus products, access, and coupon codes from our sponsors and speakers

Get Serious Sales eBook

100+ Page ebook sharing sales tips, tricks, and tools from our speakers

Facebook Community

Access to an online community with speakers and other attendees, plus the chance to win prizes

Day 1

Building Your Sales Confidence

Day 2

Creating and Up-Leveling Your Offer

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Day 3

Selling Your Products and Services

Day 4

Marketing to Increase Your Income

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Let’s Reach Your Income Goal

More income means more freedom and increased opportunities to invest in yourself and your business. Getting serious about sales doesn’t mean having one more thing to do, it means having one less thing to worry about – for good! Once set up, your sales system can deliver consistent customers and clients, ready-to-buy leads, automated sales, or even passive income.

What income goal have you been working to hit? Is it your first $10K, $50K, or even $100K per  month? Declare it right now.

Close your eyes and imagine how incredible it will feel to see sales notifications rolling in, and to finally stop hiding from your bank account balance, but instead excited check it every day.

There are so many opportunities to make more money in 2024, right now is the perfect time to get serious about sales.

Our speakers collectively coached thousands and they have been featured in…

Meet Your Host

Nadalie Bardo

Hi, I’m Nadalie Bardo, a content creator, coach, and digital nomad from Toronto, Canada. In 2017, I left the 9-5 life to become a full-time creative entrepreneur. Whether it’s email, content, or social media marketing, I’m passionate about helping blogs, businesses, and brands meet their online goals of more traffic, subscribers, and sales.

As a coach, content, course, and digital product seller, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to figure it all out or even to know where to start. That’s why I created the Get Serious About Sales Summit and invited over 40 top coaches to teach you their unique sales secrets. Together we will show the way through every sales struggle, and help you crack the code to selling. You in?

The Get Serious About Sales Summit is for you if…

  • You’re ready to overcome your fears and anxieties about selling
  • You want to create, launch, or level up your products or services
  • You need to book more discovery calls, and land more clients
  • You’re excited to make your first or next big sale online
  • You want to learn email, content, and social media marketing

And most importantly, if your sales are stuck, stagnant, or slipping, this summit is for you!

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Are you ready to get serious about sales?

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